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Hi, I'm Jayne and I'm here to help the 96th. 

Politics in our state are divisive and unwell - so let's send a nurse to Madison!

Why I'm running

For most of us, the status quo just isn’t working. We need a representative who shows up and works to help make things better. I’ve been helping people here my whole life, and have spent the last 22 years as a registered nurse. It’s a natural progression from being a tenacious advocate for patients to being a tenacious advocate for the 96th.

With your vote, I will continue to help the people of the 96th by representing our district’s needs, not big-money donors or political party agendas. I hope you’ll join me on this next step of the journey and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

It's all about the people

In Wisconsin, neighbors are known for being neighborly, and our representative needs to carry this tradition to Madison. She must be a tenacious advocate for her district, working every day to make life better for everyone. 


When representatives fail to represent their constituents, it's time to roust them out of office and replace them with true champions for the people. This unapologetically honest, no-nonsense nurse is ready for the challenge.

My top priorities

Healthcare:  We can find common ground that willhelp thousands of Wisconsinites, like a cap on insulin prices and affordable COPD medication.

Public education:  We need great teachers, and we need to keep them teaching. We must offer competitive salaries and benefits so they don’t keep leaving us for better opportunities.

Affordable housing:  The assembly needs to tackle this issue from both sides—helping individuals to afford housing, and local municipalities to find ways to fund new construction.

My goals for the 96th Assembly are people-focused. Click here for more of my thoughts on the issues that affect the people of the 96th.