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Help Jayne get elected—and together we'll make a difference in our community! 

It's time we come together and bring common sense and decency back into the decision-making process. I will not accept corporate or party donations with strings attached. I want my campaign to be a grassroots effort, together with the hardworking people of the district who believe that it is time for a change in leadership to someone who will help EVERYONE. I will be there for both young and old, those living on farms and those in town, those who are new to the district and those who have lived here their entire lives. 

I want to be a voice for our entire district—regardless of income level or political affiliation—but I need your help. 


Thank you for your time, encouragement and support!

Become a volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer, from knocking on doors (from a safe distance), to putting up a yard sign, to adding your name to our endorsement list. 

Make a donation

Can you help? Our community-based campaign needs people like you. Donate at the link above, or mail checks to: 
Jayne Swiggum for Assembly,
PO Box 84, Gays Mills WI 54631

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